These Artists, Authors and Leaders Battled Self-Doubt Before They Made History

Whether you’re an expert in your field or recently embarking on a new career — a common obstacle that nearly everyone faces in life is self-doubt</a>. Whether it&rsquo;s feeling like you don&rsquo;t belong or believing that your work doesn&rsquo;t live up to standards, it&rsquo;s important to know you&rsquo;re not alone.</p>rnrn

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Some of the most famous, successful artists, authors and leaders</a> in history battled self-doubt and esteem issues before making history. In fact, some held these feelings throughout their entire lives, even after their work had been held up in high regards by the public. However, sometimes it’s our doubts, worries and anxieties</a> that push us to achieve great things.</p>rnrn

From John Steinbeck doubting his writing to George Washington worrying he won&rsquo;t live up to people&rsquo;s expectations, here are 10 famous people from history who struggled with self-doubt.</p>rn”,”objectTypeId”:”1″,”headline”:”These Artists, Authors and Leaders Battled Self-Doubt Before They Made History”,”readTime”:”7″,”deck”:”Behind the amazing work were some individuals with self-esteem issues.”,”authorHandle”:”@Rose_Leadem”,”shortLink”:””,”pages”:11,”readOnlyComments”:false}” class=”current-article”>

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